Jean Pierre Strawberry Collagen Modelling Pack

My quarter life crisis is manifesting as a compulsion to try the most outrageous skincare products the internet shows me. So, naturally, I grabbed this from T.J. Maxx yesterday.

The lid of Jean Pierre Cosmetics' Strawberry Delicious Collagen Mask modeling pack.The contents of Jean Pierre Cosmetics' Strawberry Delicious Collagen Mask modeling pack. It's a fine, gray powder.
I got it because it was a powder, and the instructions kept mentioning putting “the rubber” on your face. It confused me…so it must work.

This is a good time to mention that I have googled, rubber/modelling masks are, in fact, a thing. I can’t find this particular mask anywhere, though. It’s not on the Jean Pierre website. There’s another label floating around in Korean with Urban DollKiss as the I guess you can buy it there?

Whatever, let’s use it. I ignored the instructions and the nice measuring cup and mixed up half the powder with enough water to make it a gloopy paste.

The mask applied to my face. It looks like white slime.

Did you ever cover your face in Gak as a kid? That’s exactly what this feels like. You can see some places where I spread it on pretty thin and it completely dried. Those places didn’t peel up.
After peeling the mask off. A lot of it stuck around my mouth and sides of my face.
We all make mistakes. I’m standing by splitting it in half, though. You’re going to have to wash your face a little at the end either way.


Peeling satisfaction: 0/10. It peels off in a million pieces and doesn’t rip out your sebaceous filaments and show them to you. That’s why we peel things, right?
Post-mask skinfeel (This is a term now): 5/10. I was soft, but still had visible dry patches.
Overall: 4/10. I didn’t notice any immediate benefits (like smaller pores or angelic choirs when I looked in the mirror). It seemed like a less effective, messier sheet mask. I bumped up the score for smelling good and not irritating my skin.


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