Dermal Korea Wine Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

Image of Dermal Korea's Wine Collagen Essence Mask packaging. It says that it is firming, moisturizing, and soothing.
I know that sheet masks are only a little weird, but the wine part is what scared me with this one. It’s been under a stack of fruity masks for ages as I worked up the courage to face whatever smell lived within.

And it was fine. Nice, even. It smelled like grape bubblegum. Is that what wine is like when you spend more than $5 for a bottle?
An unflattering picture of me wearing the Dermal Korea sheet mask.
This is not the face of someone who knows.


Experience: 8/10. It covers my face. It stays put. It smells nice. I can chill and play Xbox with it on for 20 minutes.
Post-mask skinfeel: 9/10. It moisturizes well, and each mask is so saturated that I can use the extra as body lotion. -1 for making me shiny in a not cute way.
Validity of Claims: 6/10. Let’s look at this label.
Features of the mask listed on the packaging: "1. It is a simple sheet type essence mask offering your skin direct nutrition and after using, it is possible for you to go out without washing your face. 2. Compared to other masks, you can feel the difference immediately when using dermal collagen essence mask only once and it includes a high quality mask sheet which sticks to your face very well. 3. It contains Wine extract which is abundant in polyphenols thus it is very effective for anti-oxidant and it provides your skin elasticity while keeping the skin soothing, fresh and healthy. 4. Vitamin E and Collagen - It provides your tired skin nutrition and makes you skin healthy and bright. 5. When you put mask sheet on your face, it makes you feel cool and it keeps your tired skin elastic."
Your skin is not absorbing the collagen from the mask and integrating it into your own body’s collagen. There is evidence that Vitamin E has negative effects on skin appearance. And honestly, the wine wasn’t worth searching because 1)skin exists to keep things out of your body, so I’m skeptical about it sucking up any sort of nutrients and 2)as a society we desperately want wine to be good for us because then it’s not alcoholism, and I’m not that kind of an enabler.
Overall: 7/10. I’ve used probably 10 of these in different “flavors” and they’re all pretty enjoyable. It’s just hyped up moisturizer, but it’s nice hyped up moisturizer.

You can get your own from Amazon here: Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet, 16 Combo Pack


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