March 2017


I read more books than two comics this week. They weren’t great. Here’s the ones that were:

Black Magick by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott
Beautifully drawn witch cop? Yeah, I’m here for that.

Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon
I didn’t understand a lot of Volume 1 last month, but I understood some of the references in Volume 2! It’s worth plowing through.


I’ve heard that some podcasts exist that aren’t a part of Radiotopia. Weird, right?

Church (Sanctuary, Part 1) (Episode 249) by 99% Invisible
If your religion doesn’t help refugees, it’s useless. That’s not the tone of this episode but..there’s no lie.

State (Sanctuary, Part 2) (Episode 250) by 99% Invisible
I had to wait a full week for this. It took so much self control to not just Google the rest of the story.

Wildin (Episode 62) by Criminal
It’s really easy to live in a bubble and not listen to the stories of undocumented immigrants. If you listen to anything this month, listen to this one.

Bosom Holder (Episode 2) by The Allusionist
I will listen to people talk about the history of women’s fashion forever.

Going Viral (Episode 3) by The Allusionist
We should all strive to be chronic infections instead of acute ones.

Detonating the C-Bomb (Episode 4) by The Allusionist
I checked that my headphones were plugged in all the way about 50 times during this episode.

Crosswords (Episode 8) by The Allusionist
Guess what this episode is about.

Negative Space: Logo Design with Michael Bierut (Episode 251) by 99% Invisible
Nearly an hour of logo talk. Design nerd heaven.

Rochester, 1991 (Episode 63) by Criminal
I cried a little on the train.

WLTM part I and part II by The Allusionist
Part I is historical dating ads if you want to pretend you’re too good for online dating..part II teaches you how the game the system.

Manzanar (Episode 253) by 99% Invisible
It’s important to know what our country did to Japanese Americans. It’s important to not do it again.

Getting Toasty (Episode 41) by The Allusionist


ASK A MORTICIAN – All about cremation!
Caitlin Doughty is killing it.


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