We deserved better than Wonder Woman

We deserved better than Wonder Woman.

We deserved a super hero that wasn’t “not like the other girls”. We deserved a hero flanked by other women, not dependent on random men.

We deserved a movie that was also written by women and produced by women, not just directed and acted by one.

We didn’t deserve boob plate armor.

We didn’t deserved having to sit through another Chris playing another Steve going down in a little plane to save the world in another war. Wonder Woman deserved to defeat our Big Bad Guy on her own, without feeling sad about the literal first man she ever saw.

We don’t deserve all of the women in action movies that exist for the male gaze, but we also didn’t deserve someone so removed from sexuality that an implied sex scene had me wondering if she was being taken advantage of.

We didn’t deserve to be so ignored by the super hero movie industry that this little slice of representation felt good to people.


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