City Color Be Matte Red Reviews

I’m going to put this on in the morning and then ignore my face for the rest of the day. Pictures are right after application and then about 12 hours later.

First up is a selection of City Color Cosmetic’s Be Matte dark reds. I got a five pack for ~$8. I don’t think this pack is up for sale anymore, so the links go to less official resellers of the individual colors.

A note: These lipsticks are rounded and are nearly impossible to apply to my tiny lips from the tube. You’re going to want a lipstick brush (though those little angular eyeliner brushes will do the trick if you’re not ready to commit). I’ve been using this one for about six months: E.l.f. Retractable Lip Brush

Swatches of City Color Be Matte red lipsticks.
Colors from top to bottom are: Samy (M22), Lola (M20), Lana (M23), Brianda (M24), Francesca (M21). I can’t tell much of a difference between most of the colors, either, it’s not your monitor.

And now the wear tests! I wear chapstick under my lipstick because matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips out. These aren’t the worst about it, but it’s still noticeable. Your lipstick will look nicer for longer if you have magical moist lips. I have regular mortal lips.

Samy Before (Top) & After (Bottom)

I was extra impressed with this one because I went to an ice cream event this day and ate 10 cups more of ice cream than on any of these wear tests. I didn’t wear chapstick this day. Magic. I hope you don’t like this color, because I can’t find a link to it for you.

Lola Before & After

(3 Pack) CITY COLOR Be Matte Lipstick – Lola
Lana Before & After

CITY COLOR Be Matte Lipstick Lana
Brianda Before & After

CITY COLOR Be Matte Lipstick Brianda
Francesca Before & After

I don’t wear this color often, because it doesn’t apply evenly no matter what black magic ritual I perform. You might have better luck if your lips are naturally not a ghost color like mine.
CITY COLOR Be Matte Lipstick Francesca

This lipstick is a great, cheap option as an introduction to matte lipstick. I picked it up to figure out what kind of reds I should wear..and have since decided to just keep wearing whatever I want regardless of my undertones.

It’s somewhat drying, but doesn’t flake off or feel disgusting like some other matte lipsticks I’ve worn. You’re a little aware of something being on your lips, but don’t feel like a clown.

It doesn’t quite last all day. If you touch up your lipstick after lunch you will be way cuter than me at the end of the day. These lipsticks are pretty pigmented for the price and don’t feather. They do transfer onto cups.

Solid 4/5. 


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