Toullgo Peeling Black Mask

I was a little wary of trying a new weird thing this month after last month’s caused a break out. Just a little. Clearly I was not wary enough to just not purchase a random thing from Amazon and smear it all over my face.

I got a black suction mask instead of easing myself back into things. Videos of people pulling suction masks off of their faces and crying have been making the Facebook rounds. Unfortunately (?) for you, this mask was normal and this post contains no crying.

Except from maybe the sebaceous filaments or blackheads in your face. LOOK AT IT BEING REMOVED.

Image of the Toullgo Peeling Black Mask packaging. It shows a cartoon blackhead being partially removed from a landscape of pink skin. The instruction booklet is titled "use manual".
The use manual very helpfully explains how this is going to go down.The booklet says "Product Efficacy: With the characteristics of water lock water, effectively clean up the pores and old waste horny skin, purify the skin, clean the blackheads, improve the skin dull to increase skin elasticity, so that the skin to restore delicate luster."

I’ve seen the phrase “horny skin” show up a few times in translated skin care. I’m still afraid to google it to figure out the intended meaning. Whatever it is, we’re about to fix it.

Image of the Toullgo black peeling mask on my face. It's very black and thick.

This is by far the thickest peelie mask I’ve used. It’s great, because it forces you to apply a thick layer that’s easier to peel. It’s also a little unsettling, because what if it is secretly paint and wont come off? A 30 minute dry really gives you the time to think about these things.

After 30 minutes, I peeled it off. Easy. No crying, no sweating, and essentially no more baby hairs in my face.

This is the part of the post where I confess a terrible thing, though. I have no gross and satisfying image of what I pulled out of my face for you. It’s my fault. I think I’ve finally upped my skin care game enough that my pores are too small for this to work. I tried it again a few days later after a long, hot shower. Nothing. Not even the baby hairs and dry skin that this one pulled off the first time. I’m reassured that my hair doesn’t grow back that quickly, at least.


Experience: 7/10. Goes on thick and needs minimal face washing to remove the extra. Drying takes foreverrrrr though.
Post-mask skinfeel: 9/10. My skin felt really smooth! Probably because all of the hair got ripped out of my face. I’m fine with it.

Overall: 8/10. One of the better peeling masks I’ve tried. Bummer about my skin care routine working.
You can get your own on Amazon here: Peeling Black Mask.


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