December 2017 Ipsy Bag

I was worried DHL ate this one, which would be my luck the month that ipsy finally sent me red lipstick.

Ipsy’s proofreading is still going strong this month, as well. All of my items were consistently capitalized for the second month in a row. Are things looking up?

What’s in my bag

December 2017 ipsy bag and contents. This month's bag is a very light aquamarine blue with a silver glitter fringe.

PURLISSE BEAUTY Coconut + Rice Nourishing Sheet Mask AND Green Tea + Ginger Treatment Sheet Mask

I was scared to try this one. Do you remember the mugwort masks? Those stung without having ginger in them. Luckily, the ginger one mostly smelled like green tea and I didn’t die. Weird.

Me wearing the Purlisse mask, looking suspicious. It's got a snapchat caption that reads "This purlisse mask is genuinely pleasant. Am confused."

Pros: Smells great, relaxing, is made of the nice thick sheets that I liked instead of the paper thin ones.
Cons: They cost $6 a piece at their cheapest.
Purchase or pass: My sheet mask stash is running low, so I looked into buying them. I can’t justify spending $40 for six sheet masks.

CHELLA Eyebrow Defining Gel
It does absolutely nothing. It’s clear. It has no hold. I thought that maybe I trim my eyebrows too short, so I also tried them on the very patient boy’s. Nothing happened.
Purchase or pass: It’s in the trash now.

Swatches of everything else:
Arm swatches. The lipstick looks very thin.

SMASHBOX COSMETICS Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary
Pros: Is red (middle swatch).
Cons: Do you remember when everyone realized that you could melt crayons into coconut oil and make your own lipstick? I’m pretty sure that’s all this is, even though the ingredients list a bunch of other things. It’s very watery. You need to put a fair amount on to get the nice red color. It immediately feathers. If you blot it, it’s okay? Definitely not legendary.
Purchase or pass: I’m going to experiment with some lip liners before I throw it away.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Faux Blacks Eyeliner in Midnight
I’ve taken all eyeliner off of my ipsy profile despite genuinely wanting to wear it.
Pros: Color is neat. It’s dark without being black, but blue without being that 80’s blue.
Cons: Smudges with my primer. Can’t get crisp lines.
Purchase or pass: Is all eyeliner terrible?

CITY COLOR COSMETICS Shimmer Shadow in It’s A Girl
You know my spirit is broken when my favorite thing in an ipsy bag is metallic pink eye shadow.
Pros: Doesn’t crease with my primer, high color payoff. Shiny.
Cons: Rubs off very easily, even with primer. Pink.
Purchase or pass: The other colors look pretty nice. I really like City Color’s Be Matte lipsticks, so I might buy some of them.


4 thoughts on “December 2017 Ipsy Bag

  1. Does Ipsy realllly look at your profile? Because they send me black eyeliners almost every month. I have SO many tiny black eyeliners, I will never use them. About 6 months ago I was getting some pretty good stuff-full size even. But Marc Jacobs foundation is going out in April bags, I can guaranteeeee I won’t see that like I didn’t see Benefit Bad Girl Bang mascara. Or any high end items for the past 6 months that other people are getting. Whyyyy, Ipsy?

    You used to be able to email them and request one item in your bag from what they offer that month. No more. You could also tell them, for example, “please don’t send me lipstick or eyeliner for the next 3 months”. But no more. And my bags have gone downhill.


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