January 2018 Ipsy Bag

For the uninitiated: Ipsy is a monthly beauty bag subscription. You give them $10, and a garbage algorithm decides what leftover lipstick colors you get this month. I bought a year subscription and have to live with my decision until July.

This month’s theme is vaguely sporty. I understand the dry shampoo for gym days, but a contour palette? Okay, ipsy. I’m sure you’re trying to be coherent.

What’s in my bag

January 2018 ipsy bag and contents. This month's bag is a godawful blue mesh with a neon pink and yellow stripe down the middle.

First, this is a horrifyingly ugly bag with a horrifying texture. Check out how reflective that stripe is! I’m never using this bag for anything. In the pile it goes.

ABSOLUTE NEW YORK Eye Artiste Single Shadow in Posse

I like shimmery, neutral eye shadow colors. I was hoping for the brown, but ipsy heard me say I liked the pink eye shadow last month and gave me a baby shimmery pink. This eye shadow is not the best for me. It also comes with a straight up insulting applicator. It’s so tiny and awkward.

Image of the tiniest eyeshadow applicator. It's double ended and the width of my thumb just fits between the two sponges.Swatch of ABSOLUTE NEW YORK Eye Artiste Single Shadow in Posse. It's a rose color with some shimmer to it.

Purchase or pass: The colors are atrocious. Pass.

ORIBE HAIR CARE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo that I bought two years ago is starting to run out, so this is right on time. I clearly don’t use a lot of dry shampoo, but it’s appreciated. It doesn’t leave a weird visible residue in my dark hair. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’ll use it.

Purchase or pass: A 6 oz bottle is $46. It is dry shampoo. I understand luxury make up items are a treat, but luxury dry shampoo? It’s literally for when you don’t want to wash your hair. No.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon

If you’re going to go for a straight up light beige color, your formula has to be ROCK SOLID.
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon on my lips. It's a shade darker than my skin (which is pasty white) and settles into every line of my lips.
My lips are heavily moisturized here. Gross.

Image of the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon tube. It looks like a concealer.Arm swatch of NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie in Satin Ribbon. It still looks like a concealer and not lipstick.

Purchase or pass: I actually have this lipstick in the darker, more flattering Exotic. It also settles into the lines of your lips, but it has great staying power. I’m convinced this color is in ipsy’s bag because it’s not selling well.

DERMELECT Microfacial Exfoliating Masque

We’ll talk about this one in it’s own post. I’ll give you a disclaimer here, though. It has pumice in it. Don’t make a habit of rubbing sand on your face. That’s a terrible idea.
Purchase or pass: ACTUAL SAND ON YOUR FACE.


I’ve never tried to hardcore contour before, but this palette seems pretty good. Two complaints: the middle color is a little orange and the whole thing smells vaguely of sunscreen.
Image of my wearing everything in my ipsy bag this month. It's not a good look. My lips almost don't exist and contouring makes me look a little gaunt.
I look downright gaunt. Is that the goal?
Anyway, he’s a swatch where I swear I’ve swatched the white. I’m just really pale.
Arm swatches of the City Color Cosmetics contouring kit. You can't see the highlighter, but it does show up as a light shimmer in person.
Purchase or pass: I’m not sure that I need to contour. I’m already pretty pointy. City Color has some good products at affordable prices, though.

A perfectly mediocre haul, yet again. Stay tuned for next month’s post, where I beg ipsy to free me.


5 thoughts on “January 2018 Ipsy Bag

  1. They seem to love City Colors. I do not. I got that Dermelect as well and gurrrrrl I love it. But I also love Dr Brandt’s microdermabrasion which is hard core. I’m into scrubbing the crap out of my skin with grit, it’s so satisfying. What can I say. 😉🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried to take City Color off of my profile because three months in a row is excessive, but they aren’t one of the brand options that you can say that you like. I’m stuck with them forever. I’ll have their whole product lineup before this is over.
      Just keep the pumice out of your eyes. It stresses me out haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha-duly notes about the pumice. I never even HAD them on my profile. But I had Benefit. I doubt how much it’s personally curated. For sure. I am not kidding when I tell you I get black eyeliners constantly.

        Liked by 1 person

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