Branding and Growth: Day One

After a year+ of blogging, I’m finally digging into the WordPress resources to see how the overlords think I should be running a blog. They do benefit from me doing a good job. I trust them.

The first recommended course is called Branding and Growth. WordPress sends you an email with prompts and tips for ten days. I’m not going over them here in real time. I all ready have the whole set sitting in my inbox. We’ll get to them when we get to them.

Day one is about setting goals. I love goals.

Today’s task: write down three concrete goals for your blog.

1. Have more consistent traffic. I’m trying to write my posts so they are more search engine friendly to bring in traffic on days that I’m not actively posting.

2. Publish a post every week for 2018. I published 35 posts in 2017. Writing and queuing posts has been becoming easier. Goal #1 isn’t quite in my control, but I think that this one is attainable.

3. Have 100 followers.  Hi guys! This number has also slowly been creeping up.

So, there are my little goals. What are yours?


10 thoughts on “Branding and Growth: Day One

  1. Weekly posts? I love it! I want to stay growing my Instagram. My new goal is 100 new followers a month on there. I’ll focus more on the posting aspect once i get an actual computer and not just my cell phone.

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  2. Hey. Clear set of goals here. Consistency is a big thing I would think, that’s what I’ve found. Like you I’d like some more readers, so I joined this course too 🙂 The search engine friendly thing… I hope to learn about too. Hope you find it valuable. Day one was fun. Next stop, day 2! Ivan

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    1. Good luck! The only goal I haven’t hit yet is to post every week this year, but I’m on track and queued up through August. Search engine traffic is still some work. Let me know if you crack it.


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