Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask

I received this mask in my February ipsy bag. The first I noticed was that instead of instructions or an ingredients list, there is a Vitamin A warning.

Front of the sample Sand & Sky pink clay mask. It says that it detoxifies and brightens.The warning on the back of the Sand & Sky pink clay sample reads "This product contains Vitamin A. Use with caution if also taking dietary supplements or using other products containing Vitamin A."

The warning isn’t super useful. I’ll spare you the google rabbit hole: Vitamin A is retinol. Retinol sensitizes your skin to the sun. I would recommend using this mask at night and wearing sunscreen afterwards. There’s a small risk of excessive Vitamin A intake if you’re pregnant. I should not be your main source of advice if you’re pregnant.

The second thing I noticed was that this was the absolute stingiest sample I have ever received. They should have sent a foil packet. This tube contains enough product for one very thin application. One.

It’s not very pink, either. They cut the pink clay with bentonite. That doesn’t sound sexy, but bentonite is made from volcanic ash. Where’s my pastel metal volcano advertising? Missed opportunity.

Image of the Sand & Sky pink clay mask on my skin. It is the slightest tint of pink before it dries.

True to ipsy fashion, this mask burns like a mother as it dries. It didn’t break me out or make my skin red, though. My skin even felt SUPER smooth and soft after. It was nice. It made me forget that this smelled vaguely like a hospital.

So, I looked up purchasing it and —

Screenshot from the Sand & Sky website. One tub of the mask is $49.00.

The website looks like a marketing scam. If you changed all of the pink to yellow, it would be an ebook money grab targeting old people.

Guys. Don’t pay $50 for a product that doesn’t tell you to wear sunscreen with it.

While we’re at it, calm down with the “not tested on animals” hype. Do you know why they don’t test their product on animals? Because everything in it has already been extensively tested on animals. There’s nothing innovative or new going on here. It’s not a commitment to animal welfare. They aren’t testing because they don’t have to and it’s easier to not do it. Everything you use that is “cruelty-free” is built on years of animal testing. That’s a low bar for changing the world. I’ll be impressed when we’re pioneering biodegradable packaging and cutting down on water used in production. If a company isn’t doing that, I don’t care.

I’m mostly just mad that it’s $50. That’s obscene.

What’s the most expensive dirt that you’ve ever rubbed on your face? This is mine.


19 thoughts on “Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask

      1. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me, haha. I’m excited to start up another subscription this summer. That I will probably buy a year of again. I don’t learn.

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  1. I thought it was a very stingy sample. But just saying, a lot of products, maybe not this one, that are cruelty free use only vegan, organic, etc. products never tested on animals before. You just need to read the ingredients list. Also, it’s better that they’re at least not testing every new product on animals like say, L’Oreal does.
    Also, there are some brands who are using biodegradable packaging now.

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    1. I have another rant about how the word “organic” is meaningless too, haha. I prefer companies to say specific ways that they are helping the planet instead of using buzzwords that may or may not mean anything.

      I’m also not fussed about animal testing, though. So there’s that.

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      1. There just isn’t enough oversight. I haven’t looked into the requirements recently, so I don’t want to give specifics on issues I had found a while back. There’s this, though.

        I’d prefer harder government rules instead of an optional label you can get, tbh.

        As far as food goes, I’m more concerned with like..actual slave labor. Priorities can get kind of weird with food and cosmetics issues.


      2. Buy it if you want to! I just don’t like it when people think that they can “vote with their wallet” and not actually push/work for change. Too many people think that’s the end of things and that they’ve done their part.


  2. $50?! hahaha. I would only consider spending that much on a face mask if it was made by a reputable brand and if it was decent size. Such a rip off though! btw, I followed your blog! 😉


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