DearPacker Gold Collagen Eye Patch

Shoutout to my friend Ebony for sending me a bunch of Korean skincare goodies! Friends don’t let friends suffer through ipsy skincare alone.

Today we’re getting up close and personal with my eye bags. I can hear my mom shouting that it’s my ALLERGIES and I am PERFECT. It’s not allergies, it’s just my face. I’ll let her say that I’m perfect, because moms.

I always have eye bags. Nothing short of a professional is going to get rid of them. I use creams. I hydrate. I mostly get enough sleep. I don’t expect these patches to do much. They’re cool, though. Both in style and temperature.
Image of the DearPacker Gold Collagen Eye Patches. They're a light gold, slightly shimmery, and come in a plastic tray inside the foil packet.
They’re translucent, shiny, and a neat jelly texture. I’m not sure what claims they’re making, or what magic ingredients they have, because I don’t read Korean. I do know that collagen is too large to be absorbed through your skin. So that’s not doing anything.

The more you know.

For the sake of science, I tried these on a day that I didn’t sleep well after doing two 12 hour days at work. There’s some room for improvement on my face.
My before face, in desperate need of some sleep.

My face with the patches on.

And after 40 minutes:
My face after the patches. My undereyes look a little better, but I still need to sleep.

I think that I have less redness under my eyes. The area around my eye bags might be more plump from the hydration, which reduces the appearance of the bags a little.

I still need concealer, but it did something tangible! Is there a gif for that? I feel like there should be a gif for products I try that actually do things.

I should exclusively start using products with packaging I can’t read. This is the least complaining I’ve ever done.

Stay tuned for an excessive amount of Korean sheet mask reviews!


24 thoughts on “DearPacker Gold Collagen Eye Patch

  1. I have the same eyes and I had such high hopes for my eye patches too. I just bought something from The Ordinary skincare line to help with this so hopefully it works. I didn’t know that the molecules in collagen are too big to pass through the skin! I’ve gotten got all of these years?!? Haha, welp.

    Dom |

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    1. Did you get the caffeine solution from them? I tried that for a bit and it made my skin crepey and dry.

      And aww, I’m sorry you had to find out about collagen this way, haha.


  2. ohh those look really good. I LOVE Korean skincare. It’s the best. Have you tried the Heimish all clean balm? It’s my go-to for removing makeup.

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  3. It actually looks like they did make your under eyes look more hydrated. I love under eye gels because they keep my skin hydrated and smooth. I think if you used them more often it would work better. There are also some coffee bean eye creams that help a lot with puffiness, I use one from 100% pure and it’s pretty good.

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