The Ordinary Caffeine Solution + 5% EGCG Review

Alright guys, I’m finally getting around to reviewing my mini haul from The Ordinary (via Sephora, because TO can’t figure out how to take my money directly) that I made in January. I gave myself enough time to properly integrate the products and use them enough to see what they are (or aren’t) doing for me.

If you’ve read my post about The Ordinary drama, you’ll know I wont repurchase anything. Uh. Spoilers.



First up is the Caffeine Solution. People lose their minds for this stuff. It’s supposed to help with under eye bags and discoloration. We’ve seen my eye bags on the blog before. Now, this solution isn’t supposed to be magic for my situation. Most of my puffiness comes from how my fat deposits sit, but I do have some discoloration and get some sleepy puffiness on top of that.

I gave it a solid three months of twice daily use. Nothing.

Actually, okay, nothing is a lie. My under eye situation got worse. This product has a weird formula. A little goes a very, very, very long way. It’s hard to use a small enough amount of this product. It leaves a weird film as it dries. Any concealer that you put on above it balls up and doesn’t blend properly. It burns if you get it too close to your eyes. And what really takes the cake is that I think it’s drying my skin out. I didn’t have issues with crepe-y skin before, and I do after using this on my eyes for two months. That’s unforgivable.

And to add injury to it all, check out this lid:

Image of The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution bottle. The threading is jacked up so it doesn't completely close.

It won’t close. The threading is all jacked up.
The only upside is that this was only $7, so I don’t feel too bad about throwing it away.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? Did it work how you expected?


20 thoughts on “The Ordinary Caffeine Solution + 5% EGCG Review

  1. I’ve been using the niacinamide (I think) + zinc solution and it’s fantastic for blemishes. I also bought that caffeine solution thing for the eyes and gave up on it after a couple of months. It did absolutely nothing. Totally agree with your review of that product! Cheers.

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    1. I’m still using their retinol and glycolic acid. I like the retinol. I think the glycolic acid is too strong for me.

      The caffeine solution was the worst of it, though.

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  2. Too bad it didn’t work, but usually under eye products don’t work for me at all. At least it was only $7! Btw, I just read your “the ordinary drama” post and omg it’s disgusting! Good you’re not supporting them anymore

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    1. Yeah, nothing works for me either. It’s not going to stop me from continuing to buy things haha.

      AND THERE’S SO MUCH DRAMA. I could start a second blog of just skincare drama.

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  3. Ahh! Sorry it is ruining your skin instead of helping it. That’s the worst! I’ve never tried anything from this brand & def never will be!


  4. I used the Retinol from The Ordinary and I see pretty awesome results.
    I’ll be writing a review soon but my redness in my cheeks and my overall complexion really improved! I started out by using 0.5% pure Retinol, so my skin could get used to it but the smell is just annoyingly weird. I used it once a day, (in the evening) for two days. Than I took a day off and I repeated that process.

    I dislike their High Coverage Foundation though.

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    1. Thank you!
      I have to balance out how meekly people say that things are just their opinion and it may work for you when like..their skin is peeling off, you know?

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