What Subscription Box Should I Try Next?

June marks my last ipsy bag. Freedom!!

I wont be renewing the subscription, but I do really enjoy the idea of getting something in the mail every month. What do you guys think should be next for me? I’m leaning towards Birchbox. I’m going to pass on the sheet masks because of the waste. They’re in the poll because I acknowledge these boxes exist.

Descriptions of the options I’ve mapped out are below.

Birchbox – $10/month. Subscribers get a monthly box of makeup, skincare, and hair products. I’m leaning most towards this one.

Sephora Play – $10/month. Subscribers get a monthly box of makeup, skincare, and hair products. Reviews indicate that repeat items happen fairly often.

Facetory – $5.95/month + shipping for four masks or $15.95/month for seven. I think the price is a little steep for what it is, but sheet masks.

Glossybox – $17.50/month if you buy the year upfront. I don’t learn from my subscription mistakes, so I would. Subscribers get beauty products.

Mask Time – $51.85/month for 8-10 masks. A nice idea at a ridiculous price. Probably a better option for people in the UK.

Boxycharm – $19.25/month if you buy the year upfront. The draw of Boxycharm is that they do full sized beauty products. This is my current second choice.

BeautyFIX – $24.95/month. I don’t know as much about BeautyFIX. Is anyone getting them?

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments!


12 thoughts on “What Subscription Box Should I Try Next?

  1. I’d go for Birchbox. I’m ending my subscription, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. It sends more hair/skincare than Ipsy does, which may or may not be a selling point for you.

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  2. I’d recommend Skin Organics but not sure you can get that in the USA. Next is recommend The Pip Box but I think that is the UK only. My third choice is Birch Box, I love the boxes they send. You can collect and reuse them to create draws for your beauty items. Mine are bookends and one holds lip products, another is eye products, etc. I was tempted by Glossybox as I’ve heard good things but I’ve never tried it.

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  3. I like Boxycharm but they don’t cater to your personal tastes as much as some other subscription boxes. I feel like every face product I get is geared toward oily skin and I have dry skin…
    I do not recommend Sephora play. My friend has it and she said you just get the samples that they give you in the store anyway so it’s not worth it.
    I bought my mom a year subscription to Birchbox and she really likes it!

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  4. I’m so close to cancelling my Play box and I’ve read a couple other bloggers are contemplating the same.

    I loooove Birchbox. They always give me the best products with the most variety & they let you fill out a beauty profile. Also!! I have a referral link you could use to sign up with, hehe. 😉

    I’ve always wanted to try FaceTory & BoxyCharm, too!

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  5. Sadly, Birchbox hasn’t been as great as I hoped. I’ve been subscribed for about 6 months. Even though I filled out my profile, they frequently send me skin and haircare products with ingredients that I know I’m allergic to, and the selection lacks personality (the makeup is usually bland colors or balms, if they include makeup items at all). The one reason I keep Birchbox is access to the member store, which has sampler kits, rewards points on all purchases, and allows you to ship certain items (usually at full price) with your monthly box. (Ipsy’s store has entirely different, trendier brands. There’s almost no brand overlap. And cash back instead of points.)

    Play! by Sephora is only OK. Sometimes they send me products that I’ve never thought to try or minis of brands I can’t afford, and you get a coupon for 50 Sephora points with each box, so if you regularly shop at Sephora that adds up.

    For a few dollars more, I prefer the Allure box for mixing good-quality luxury and drugstore makeup, skin and hair products that flatter most people (a lot of Reader’s Choice and Editor’s Choice items). Allure also typically includes one or more full-size items like Ipsy does. But Allure does not have a member store.

    Boxycharm is the best for mostly full-sized makeup, especially if you like palettes and highlighters. Boxy seems to focus on particular brands (Tarte, Pur). They always curate a mainstream-trendy box theme and ensure that you get almost a complete face look except lipsticks. On the rare occasions that they send lipstick, it’s usually brown. Boxycharm also lacks a member store.

    On the weird side of trendy is the Medusa’s Makeup box (which also includes skincare like scrubs and toners). They mainly send bright or metallic lipsticks, bold eye shadows, and glitter. It’s not for everyone, but I dig it.

    My mom gets the BeautyFix box. It’s mostly high-end skincare (especially anti-wrinkle treatments, moisturizers, and cleansers), bath/body, and haircare, and includes a lot of samples and usually one full-sized item. It rarely includes makeup. It often has coupons for Dermstore, which runs BeautyFix. But you can buy at Dermstore without the subscription box. After it goes out to subscribers, you can even buy the current month BeautyFix box (for an extra $10) without subscribing.

    I hope this helps you find the right subscription box! Best of luck.

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  6. Beautyfix is a skincare based box, so you might really like that one! They normally send our pretty nice full sizes. This past month, the box had 2 full size sunscreens, along with like, half a dozen travel sized items.

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