Birchbox August 2018

*checks watch*

Yeah, this one is a little late. I’d say it was because I was moving, but it’s not. This box is just super boring. Is Birchbox always boring? This is my third month. I’m already leaning toward not renewing the subscription.

Image of the Birchbox. This month has some abstract purple and pink hills. The inside card says

I do think the box is cute, though.

This month I opted to choose one specific sample and have the rest of the box be a surprise. I wanted to try the pH changing lip gloss. I’m a little bummed that I chose it this month, because one of the options for September is a plain pH color changing balm. I would have liked to skip the sparkles. Oh well.

What’s in my box

I've laid out the box contents and lid on the floor. Baker is rolling around and takes up half the image. He's a chubby tabby cat.
Baker is making some appearances! I was going to use the nice purple flowers my friend Christine gave me as a backdrop because they match the box, but..Baker was annoying and I couldn’t really muster the enthusiasm this month. So cat pictures it is.

Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect
I've nestled the little spray bottle of Super Comb Prep & Protect in Baker's fluffy white tummy.

This makes my hair easier to brush when it’s wet. Once it’s dry I don’t notice that I’ve used anything. I don’t think it’s worth using if I have to use a second conditioner when it’s dry.

MALIN+GOETZ grapefruit face cleanser
Malin + Goetz is good. I’ve enjoyed using their samples. This is gentle and smells like someone ate a grapefruit on a pool float. I’m kind of into it. I wont be purchasing it because it’s full of microplastics. I’m sure that’s unrelated to the smell.

Pretty sure, at least.

I’ve been keeping the tube in the shower for the nights when I want to be a little lazy and not wash my face in the sink.

amika Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam
I've also stuck the amika bottle right up against Baker's tummy. He just wants to be close to whatever I'm doing.

This works..okay. It still leaves a white residue in my hair, like conventional sprays. I don’t think it works quite as well. The texture is also a little off for a mousse. It’s not blended as well as I would have expected.

Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask
Baker is laying on his side. I've put the foil package for the eye serum mask on top of him.

Water, glycerin, niacinamide…as far as ingredients go, this is basically what I’m already putting on my face twice a day with my Cerave lotion. I haven’t tried them yet, so I don’t know how well they stay put. We all know that undereye masks do nothing for the long term by now, right? Cool. Good. Get an eye cream.

Winky Lux Disco Gloss in Far Out
The Winky Lux tube was harder to balance on him, so I'm holding the tube out while he rolls around on the floor in the background. I got the color Far Out, which Birchbox says is blue. It's definitely purple. There's some glitter mixed in.

I just did a google to explain to you how pH lipsticks work’s not pH. It’s just a dye that changes a universal shade of pink. Any differences in color have to do with your lip color and what other colorants are mixed into the base. That’s a bummer.  The color IS long lasting, but you’re going to get the same result from literally any “pH” lipstick.

Anyway. This is Far Out. Birchbox says it’s blue. I say it’s purple.

This is an image of the applicator. It's stained bright pink. Baker is laying on the floor in the background, out of focus. We keep our opened products away from the kitty here at Grumpy Skin.
I suspected that there might not be a pH mechanism when I opened it and saw that the applicator is bright pink. Surely the applicator is at roughly the same pH as the gloss? Oh well.

Here’s an arm swatch for good measure. I took some lip pictures, but you can’t really tell that I’ve got anything on. I think that it’s noticeable in person. Even looking at selfies from other days of me wearing it..maybe it’s in my head.

Winky Lux Disco Gloss in Far Out. It's a thin, light pink with some subtle glitter. I used the flash here to try to pick up more of the color, so you can't really see Baker in the background.

What do you guys think? Is this a standard level of boring for Birchbox? Or was this box a fluke?


5 thoughts on “Birchbox August 2018

  1. Love the Baker appearances! It’s been probably two years since I subscribed to Birchbox so I really don’t remember. I got that detangling spray though! Hopefully next month is better!

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  2. Hahah my cats are always so annoying too, there’s no way I could do pretty backdrops with them around all the time. 😂 Baker sure is a cutie though.

    I also got the Number 4 spray and I noticed my hair was getting really dry from it. I like to wash my face in the shower too but have read that it’s bad for you? Why is that?!

    Honestly, I think this is a standard box of boring for Birchbox. They’re all pretty similar with a lot of the same brands included!

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    1. My hair was so frizzy with it this week. It was awful.

      It might be the heat that people think is bad for you? I don’t know. I wash my face in the shower a lot. As long as I’m using my regular face wash I don’t see what the difference is.

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