I spend my free time talking to the public about the ocean. I spend my not free time doing Alzheimer’s research. This blog isn’t about those things.
I’m on instagram where I mostly post pictures of animals.
I’m on the twitter where I mostly talk about podcasts.

The Blog

I’ve been using a bullet journal a lot. Part of that is keeping really ridiculous lists of books I want to read, shows/movies I want to watch, and things I want to do. It has had the unexpected side effect of making my down time much more enjoyable. I don’t have to think about what I want to do. It’s already there. And because I have a list, I never feel obligated to finish a bad book or show anymore.

I feel like a lot of social media does the opposite of my bullet journal. We all consume things and pour out opinions without really thinking about the quality or effect on our life.

I’m doing this blogĀ for two reasons: to see if it encourages me to seek out even more things that make me happy in our garbage world, and to practice long form communication in (hopefully) informative and engaging ways.