Discount Codes

You don’t need any sort of special relationship with these brands to get discount/referral codes. They’re available to anyone who has an account on their website. I get rewards points or a few dollars if you use these.

A beauty/skincare subscription box. I get $5 if you sign up.

Online thrifting! The only way I could ever afford silk. You get $10 and I get $10 with this link.

Cake Beauty
I want to eat their hand creams. You get $15, I get $15.

Restaurant delivery! You get $10 and I get $10. It’s hard to figure out how to tip drivers, but you can do it in the app after delivery.

Humble Bundle
Monthly PC game subscription for $12. Awesome discounts on mainstream games. I subscribe off and on when they’re offering things that I want, but don’t have $60 for.

$10 off your first order. My every day pair of glasses are from them. They don’t scratch as easily as the expensive ones my insurance paid for.

$5 off coupon. I use their lipstick brush every time I apply lipstick.

10% off your first order.