Nurx Update

Do you remember a month ago when I started getting my birth control online through Nurx? It was awesome, but I had to quit. The future isn’t quite here.

My insurance shut me down.

Nurx delivers a monthly prescription of the birth control of your choice to your door.  My health insurance also has a delivery service (that costs hella money) and prefers that birth control prescriptions be sent out in three month batches. I got a nice and only mildly terrifying letter asking me to have my prescription amended or they would no longer cover it. So, I’m on the same exact patch (haven’t died!) and now look like I’m stocking up birth control for the apocalypse. A month of patch boxes takes up a lot of space.

I still think Nurx is a great idea if you’re uninsured, because they have some cheap generic options available. Getting a prescription doesn’t make you miss half a day of work.

I also think they were great for me while I was between doctors, though I did get a very grumpy face from my new one when I told her that I was getting my prescription online.

Check the internet for coupon codes if you decide to use them! It looks like they typically give discounts as they get approved in new states, or when a politician tries to block birth control access. If you can’t find anything, my code for $20 off is still active: IVY-74G2.


I Got My Birth Control Prescription Online (& Didn’t Die)

First off: Physically going to the doctor is rad. I generally recommend it. I even tried to do that myself when my periods got unmanageable, but I accidentally went to one of those bullshit super Catholic doctors that doesn’t believe in birth control. That’s a different post.

So, having met my monthly emotional quota for dealing with doctors, I did an online search to see if anyone was competing with PRJKT RUBY. I was hoping someone could magically bill my health insurance.

Enter Nurx.

I had my choice of basically every kind of hormonal birth control. I didn’t have a copay. All I had to do was text them a picture of my blood pressure reading and fill out a health questionnaire. Now they mail me a box of patches every month.

I love the internet.

They have some affordable generics if you don’t have health insurance. If you’re looking for a discount, I have a promo code: IVY-74G2. I think having to use promo codes for health care is disgusting, but you get your $20 if you need it.

Bedsider has a good list of online birth control prescribers if Nurx isn’t available in your state yet.

Welcome to the future!