New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are an unrealistic introduction to goal-setting. Surprise! That’s why there are thousands of articles floating around on how to keep them. That’s why you’re going to forget you ever made resolutions in March.

I’ve been working at becoming better organized for two years and I’m just now at the point where I felt like making resolutions were realistic. Setting out on a two year journey for the purpose of being able to keep a New Year’s resolution is silly, but setting forth on a lifelong journey to becoming more organized and better prepared sounds pretty okay.

1. Get a planner/calendar situation that helps you to meet your immediate deadlines. This isn’t about goal-making, this is about keeping your shit together. I started a bullet journal after running out of space in regular day planners and obsessively put things into Google Calendar.

2. Start planning out your weeks and months a little in advance. Some goal making naturally creeps in here. Planning out your months allows you to see when you have free time to schedule that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off for months.

3. Physically writing down monthly goals naturally evolves into having longer range goals. Some of those turn into New Year’s resolutions. Acclimating yourself to goal setting avoids this bullshit mentality of “either I keep my New Year’s resolutions or I am a complete failure.”

Some of my resolutions:

– Start planning for retirement
Update my skincare routine
       This still isn’t cutting it.
– Clean out my bookshelves
This is one that started as a monthly goal in the bullet journal, and oh man did I need more time.
– Regularly exercise
– Set a better daily routine

What boring, adulthood things are you doing in 2018?